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Hello! I’m Raul Velasquez Illustrator and Character Designer; I have 15 years dedicated to Digital Art, I’ve worked as 2D Artist, 2D Animator, Pixel artist, Game Designer and Art Director, it has been a long way with the great fortune of creating characters in all these roles, always looking for a fresh and universal style.

I've worked with dreamers, independents and big brands within the world of entertainment, my love for the art creation and videogames allowed ZEOARTS to be born, we are specialized in Character Creation, welcome to my dwelling place.

Experience working with:

  • character design in company capcom
  • character design in company nickelodeon
  • character design in company pepsi
  • character design in company atari
  • character design in company bandai namco
  • character design in cool mini or not
  • character design in company disney
  • character design in company dena


character design in Jobs n° 1

Zeoarts – Founder/CEO - Present

character designer in job n° 2

Cool Mini or Not - Character Designer - 2016

character designer in job n° 3

DeNA Games - Character Designer - 2015

character designer in job n° 3

Red Orc Games - Creative Director/Character Designer - 2015

character design in job n° 4

2D Nutz - Creative Director/Character Designer - 2015

character design in jonb n° 5

Watto Post Studio - Creative/Character Designer - 2013/2014

character design in jonb n° 6

Cotufa Animation studio - Creative/Character Designer - 2010/2011

character design in jonb n° 7

Teravision Games - GameDesigner/CharacterDesigner - 2009/2010

character design in jonb n° 8

Smdesignstudio - Pixelartist - 2005


Zeoland - Artbook - ZEOARTS

Amnistía Internacional - Characters for Mural

NerdBoy - Cover Design for Box - Nerd Creations

Starwars Galactic Defense - Character Designer - DENA/LUCASARTS

Machinegear Ese - Creative Director/Character Designer - 2DNutz

Color Crasher - Creative Director/Character Designer - Red Orc Games

Mega Man Tribute Hardcover - Re-imagine Rockman - CAPCOM/UDON

Malteadas la Original - Creative Director/Character Designer - Malteadas la Original

Comercial Gracias por Cuidarme - Lead Animator/Character Designer - Maizoritos/AlfonsoRivas

Spinku 3D GAME - Creative Director/Character Designer - Watto Post Studio

Nevado Serie Animada - Character Designer - Fundación Nevado

Skilito IP - Character Design - Skill CA

PAVCO IP - Character Design - PAVCO Soldadura PVC

Dale Palo y Robale la Base al Dengue - Character Designer - GBV MPPPS

Boo Commander - Game Designer - TeravisionGames

Asteroids Star legends - Conceptual Art/Character Designer - ATARI

Dora the Explorer: Swiper's Big Adventure! - Hud & Items Desing - Nickelodeon

Glenn Martin, DDS: Dental Adventure - Assets - Nickelodeon

Wizards of Waverly Place - Assets - Disney

Gwen the Magic Nanny - Pixelart Icons - Bandai Namco

Lt. Fly Rise Of The Arachnids - Character Designer/2DAnimation - Bandai Namco

I-Monster - Conceptual Art/Character Designer - TeravisionGames


i am character designer

Zeoarts offers solutions in the CHARACTERS visual and conceptual development field, we create characters for a wide range of products associated with entertainment like: animated movies, videogames, collective figures, board games, graphic novels and many others.

Our creation process seeks to meet technical parameters and style according to our client’s needs, we are versatile using different styles of the world and we will adapt as necessary.

We not only think about the beauty, we also want that investment to develop a character, to fulfill its business purpose.

How do I work with Zeoarts?

Easy, Zeoarts services are developed in 4 stages.

work designers in contact


■ Check and select the symbol (below) that defines your type of project.

■ Give us a brief explanation of your project in the text box.

work character in budget


■ Once your Project is analyzed you will receive an email with a customized Budget including the Delivery Date and Cost.

work design in development


■ Once the payment is made, we start to work in your character and we will be in contact to keep you updated during its development.

■ In this stage feedback is quite important, for it can affect the project’s final delivery date.

work delivering


■ Once your character is finished and approved, you will receive it in your email on the scheduled date and the agreed format.

What service do you need?

These are the services we offer, choose whichever goes with your needs

character design - Mobile game


If your Project is aimed for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Etc.) in this option we will create the suitable and functional character for your idea.

character design - Console game


Console games are usually ambitious and require very charismatic characters, it’s important to have good main characters, final bosses and happy NPCs; we have an arsenal of ideas for you.

character design - ANIMATION


The characters for Animation films, shorts and commercials must have a strong body structure for its performance and movement to be impressive, we know how to do it.

character design - GRAPHIC NOVEL


There is no greater pleasure than hold a Novel, Fairytale, Manga or Comic book in your hands and connect emotionally with the characters, if you’re looking for this we have the key.

character design -  toys zeoarts


Toys represent a very precious stage in our growth, the design of these determines their success, and if you want a figure or toy that looks awesome in a shelf you can trust us.

character design - Board games


Playing a board game with friends is without doubt one of the most rewarding experiences, behind a board game, card game, Role play or puzzle must be some remarkable artwork that makes you remember these moments.

character design - CLOTHING


Today is very common to see big labels using mythical characters to boost their sales, if your intention is to create characters that people could wear in summer, winter and autumn; you’ve come to the right place.

character design - CORPORATE IMAGE


Any company needs a Great Character that represents it, that tells the company’s history, summarize its function and gives trust to the client, we know what to do.

character design - MASSIVE PROJECT


If you need a wide set of character, we can develop them, Re-imagine them or create them from scratch.


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Artbooks, E-books, PSDs and Zeoarts Exclusive Material.


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If you have any questions or concerns, write to Zeoarts@gmail.com. If you want to hire one of our services, please fill the form.

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