FAQ - questions and answers

Find out how to request our services.
Creating a character is not a simple task as people may think, many projects don’t have a desired receptivity because their characters doesn’t have the quality or deep treatment, needed aspects to compete with what the industry demands and we look forward to fulfill these requirements, we love this job.
We don’t have any constraints with our clients; we work with independents, dreamers and big companies.
We cannot create without money, you can’t ask a carpenter to make a chair without paying for the wood.
As a standard measure, for just 1 character you could have it in 3-4 days excluding weekends (depending on the difficulty of the character), if you do the payment on Friday you will receive your character on Wednesday, if your project is bigger or it’s a lineup of several characters, the delivery date must be evaluated.
We utilize Paypal as our main payment method because it gives us security and allows us to receive payment from any currency. <br> If you are a company that resides in US and you don’t use Paypal we also have a personal account where we can receive your payments as a corporation.
When your character is finished you will receive a high resolution 300/150 DPI PSD file, and a max size PNG file, you will also receive a PDF that specifies the features and correct use of your character in case to be for animation, toy or any service that requires it. (If your project is large you will receive a Hardcover Artbook with the art and all your character’s information as a courtesy of Zeoarts and the PDF version).


Send your requests, questions, suggestions or if you want to hire one of our services, please fill out the form or send an email directly to Zeoarts@gmail.com